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Philosophy and Guiding Principals

Striving to bring order where there is uncertainty!

At DeMaria Financial Services, we are dedicated to putting our clients and their financial goals first. We believe that carefully listening to our clients concerns and needs is important to maintaining ongoing long term relationships. Listening well also helps us to develop a financial plan designed to maximize our clients’ wealth and to help ensure a quality lifestyle.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to assist you with your financial planning needs because we have the experience to recognize opportunities, the stability to guide you through an ever changing financial environment, and the discipline to follow through.

At DeMaria Financial Services, we assist Individuals, foundations, and businesses with solutions and portfolio management choices for each unique need.

Professional Traits and Expertise, Services and Benefits to investors.

Using a wide array of products and services, Including discretionary fee-based accounts, fee based financial planning, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Insurance, annuities and trust services, we work diligently to find the best solutions for each client.

Working with DeMaria Financial Services

You will know who is managing your portfolios.

We will assist you with formulating clearly defined goals and implement customized investment solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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Christopher G. DeMaria

Investment Advisor Representative

Christopher G. DeMaria is a member of the Global Community. Having lived abroad for more than 18 years, he studied in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States. Chris is the owner of DeMaria Financial Services and an Investment Advisor Representative with Kovack Investment Advisors, Inc. He began his career in financial planning and portfolio management in March of 1998 after earning a degree from Ohio University where he majored in Economics and minored in Business Administration.

Chris believes in the need for continual learning and ongoing education. He has an interest in multiple fields including portfolio management, economics, the financial markets, and human emotion and attachment theory. He's had the luxury of being able to apply a culmination of these concepts into real world scenarios due to his nearly 19 years' experience managing money for individuals, corporations, and foundations. His methodology has been tested over that time in order to improve its reliability and effectiveness while adapting from successes and failures throughout some of the most challenging markets since the Great Depression (1998 to 2016).

Chris focuses on achieving "positive" results regardless of how the market indices perform. Unlike some managers, Chris manages the risk of each individual portfolio rather than remaining invested at all times. Chris strives to identify low risk entry points and conversely, uses a calculated exit strategy when market risk is high or positions are lagging or down. Chris does not try to beat an index every quarter. Instead, he is focused on the potential for low risk profits. If you manage risk well and avoid large corrections, you will naturally create much better results.