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We live in a Global Economy!

Shouldn't Your Advisor Have a Global Perspective!

Chris is a member of the world commumity having lived abroad for more than 18 years. He studied in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the United States.

Why is DeMaria Financial Services the right place for me?

At DeMaria Financial Services, Christopher G. DeMaria focuses on working towards "positive" results regardless of how the market indices perform. Unlike some managers, Chris manages the risk of each individual portfolio rather than remain invested at all times. Chris strives to identify low risk entry points and conversely, uses a calculated exit strategy when market risk is high or or positions are lagging or down.

Chris doesn't try to beat an index every quarter. Instead, he is focused on the potential for low risk profits. If you manage risk well and avoid large corrections, you'll naturally create much better results.


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At DeMaria Financial Services, we are dedicated to putting our clients and their financial goals first. We believe that carefully listening to our clients concerns and needs is important to maintaining ongoing long term relationships.


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Our firm provides financial help in the following areas:

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Investment Portfolios
How Quantifying and Managing Risk Can Help

There is no new thing under the sun Ecc 1:9

Although there are different headlines in the news and different stocks traded on the exchanges at any given time, the one thing that remains consistent over time is human emotion. During highly volatile market inflection points, human emotion is a consistent and measurable indicator that generally isn't accounted for in any research reports or stock analysis. This methodology is by no means perfect however, it's a best effort attempt to measure perception, emotion, fear and greed, with the expectation that people will react to market stressors the same as they have in the past.

A quantitative approach to measuring risk has been developed to look at people and how they react to stock market price fluctuations. Regardless of education, wealth, knowledge, or any other factor that may make a person seem wise, people react the same way when fear or greed sets in. No matter how many times a fire drill is rehearsed, when a serious emergency presents itself, the exit is often not good.

There are three key factors to successfully implementing this portfolio management process. The first is having sufficient knowledge and understanding of the financial markets which takes time to acquire. The second is having adequate time and dedication to develop skill. The third is having the proper discipline to continually monitor the process. Many individuals have some or even all of these characteristics but, simply lack the time, interest, or expertise to dedicate themselves to managing their own portfolios properly. With the exception of those whom are confident in their knowledge, skill, and discipline to manage this process, it is strongly advised to seek professional assistance.


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